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Be a party freak at Manchester

Author: Alice 27 Sep 2016

Nightlife is nothing less than life-saving medicine for this completely revamped modern era. A good and happening nightlife caters for this world with everything they require to escape all sorts of monotony and boredom. At the end this is an aspect of this urban world which we look keenly at when we make our way into a new town. And late night parties which are totally mingled with amazing music and thumping dance floors are the currently running aspect of nightlife arena of the world these days. And Manchester, similar to any other cosmopolitan town, has no difference, when it comes to catering for the dance crowd, soul fans, indie kids or metal heads. However it is generally advisable to mark your presence at these late night parties with a companion to enhance the fun of night getting dark on to you. Although if you don’t have a companion, contact Angel Companions.


Manchester is one of the really well-known cities all over the world for its clubbing culture, and the credit is bagged by one of the most best in class clubs was started here – Sankeys.

Recently Sankeys has stated that it will take over the epic Victoria Warehouse arena in Trafford which happens to be a venue that has become the destination of huge rave events including Don’t Let Daddy Know and Cream and Composites joint parties.


Tusk caters for a huge section of Africa to the Northern quarter of the city, with all their tribal and primitive environs and a dynamic atmosphere.This great appetizer bar is the best venue for after-work drinks, a comfortable and cozy evening with friends and buddies. The interior is an amalgamation of primitively old age and simple materials, with exposed brick and warm complexion.Heavenly cocktails are served here that too very lovingly and carefully and analysis on detail with Tusk’s own in-house fusions and blends, are done to provide you that you experience a drink like never before.


The all New Oxford is a beer stall is the top local venue on Salford’s Chapel Street. It is not so big but carries a huge batch of both continental bottles and hand-pulled cask ales.Make sure you visit The New Oxford during the course of one of its regular beer festivals because during this event you’ll have the choice of choosing from dozens of supplementary beers over a weekend.

The New Oxford Wine Bar Lounge caters for a very good range of continental and classical English breakfasts. After the sun sets there happens to be a full bar with regular smooth and soothing music in the background turning it an ideal place for some good shots of drinks or a full night out.

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