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Getting Motivated

Author: 15 Sep 2018

Getting motivated for me, I think, means getting started just a little bit. It is Newtons first law of motion in practise. When I do nothing and am lazy I tend to keep doing nothing and being lazy. But once I have started and overcome the inertia it is a lot easier to keep going. Often I do not start things as I do not know when I will be able to do something again. So in my head “it seems pointless” to start now rather start later once I have more time, more money, more equipments or whatever other nonsense excuse you or I want to insert here.

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Or I just want things to be “perfect” from the get go without any preparation, work or build up. Obviously this makes no sense but I am sure you know what I mean. It is like a woman who has never been to the gym and has been eating like a piggy for ten years saying that they do want to start exercising or eating differently because they could not get a body like a super model or a girl who gets well paid to have sex and escort Malaga gentlemen for a living. Well believe me, I know from personal experience that those women have to work at it just as hard as antone else does!

So I think here is where motivation and discipline cross over. Often we amateurs wait to be come motivated to do something where a professional just gets on with it. If they waited to be motivated nothing would get done. This is where planning a time to do “stuff” helps. If I wake up and do not feel like doing “stuff” then it does not get done. However if its scheduled then the time has been put aside and so it is more likely – that is what I hope anyway. The hope is that it moves from depending on me being motivated to being a habit where my motivation does not matter.

A habit, or maybe a better word is ritual, means that the actual thinking about doing it part is taken away so motivation is not needed and you just get on with it. The horrid decision making part has been taken away.

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