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I Am An Escort

Author: 20 Jun 2018
escort Marbella guests
I am a whore. I am a prostitute. I am a hooker. I am an escort. I am a courtesan. I am a sex worker. I am a harlot. I am a trollop. I am a good time girl. I am a lady of negotiable virtue. I am available but I am not cheap. Honestly, I do not care what name you use for my job. If I swept the streets for a living (as my father did) I would be happy being called a street sweeper. I would not need to be called an Overground Urban Environment Beautification and Sanitation Operative. I sell sex for money. Mainly to men, but also to women and couples. I have been doing it for over a decade and I am happy to be in the industry and I made a damn good living doing it. And I get a tad annoyed (yes I am English dear) when people tell me that I should not be doing what I do or state that I must have been forced into it.


I work all over the place, but for the moment let us focus on Marbella. Along with lots of my friends even one of them working as an escort in Birmingham, many of whom I also bump into in other places as we travel similar circuits, I work very hard as girls who escort Marbella guests. It is my business and I treat it that way. And so do my friends. Well, most of them! But we started being sex workers of our own free will. We stay in the profession of our own free will.


We work where we want, when we want, with whom we want, of our own free will. And we will get out of the business when we want to – of our own free will. What annoys me is people who have their own agendas – be that religion or feminism or ignorance – saying that just because I am a professional sex worker that I must be a victim of human trafficking. The idea that there is a dark force behind every little thing that goes on is not a valid view. It disempowers people and it also, in the clinical sense, paranoia.

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