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Manchester, the jewel of the North for escorts, concerts and work BBC

Author: 07 Jun 2018

I sometimes used to visit Manchester for work. I would take the train from down South and then the metro and enter one of the now disgraced financial businesses for the day. I would work hard and leave late and go back to my hotel for the night. Where I work hard, I also want to play hard, and Manchester is the very place to do this. The first item on my agenda back in the hotel is to book a Manchester escort for the night. The arrangements made on the phone, time agreed, hotel name and room number passed over. I then wait for the inevitable verification call back to the hotel room from the Manchester escort agency. We are now ready for the next step.

Cleanliness is always a vital part of meeting a Manchester escort, my cleanliness and of course theirs. So now it is into the shower for a thorough wash and shave, don’t want to scratch the delicate areas of my companion for the night. New clean freshly laundered underwear and clothes, I am now ready and waiting.

Manchester escort agency

The knock on the door

I am waiting patiently for the quiet discreet knock on the door announcing my entertainment for the night. It comes, I open the door and a beautiful apparition floats into my room and with a brief kiss on the lips, I close the door behind her.

We say hello, and we go ahead with the formalities. The payment made, she then discreetly checks in with her agency from the bathroom and prepares herself. Soon she comes into the room, dressed in metal heels, a tight PVC cat suit and cane. Her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. This Manchester mistress is going to reap her just rewards.

Now naked, and tied to the bed with ropes, she proceedsto tease me with her cane, alternating between stinging me with a sharp slap, and then arousing me with her mouth or soft feather duster. This alternates for a while bringing me nearer and nearer to the ultimate ending. This Manchester escort is so worth every pound I have spent on her, she knows her job so well. She is an expert in what she does, a true professional in every sense of the word.

Soon it is all over for me. We wash up and dress for the evening. This is not the end. As I said at the beginning, I work hard, and I also play hard.

Dinner with a Manchester Escort

The other non-sexual meaning for the word escort, is some person who goes with you. It could be a police escort who make a way through traffic for you. It could be a security escort to protect you. In this case my Manchester escort for the night is escorting me to the restaurant where I have booked a table for two. She is my guide for the evenings entertainment.  She looks elegant in her dress, with her blonde hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. The waiter guides her to our table with deference, has he seen her before with another client. He is polite and gives no hint, again another professional. We sit and peruse the menu, order and wait for our food over our glasses of wine.

Do I get the feeling others in the restaurant are looking at her and me? My companion for the night is at the top of her game, are they admiring glances, or are they looking at me saying, poor loser, he is having to pay for his entertainment. I think back at them and say, yes I am paying, as you are paying for your marriage and will still be when you divorce.  I am content with my Manchester escort for the night.

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