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The Companion of Christmas

Author: Amber 31 Oct 2016

Hi, peeps. My name is Richard and I have been living in the city of Manchester since the time I was born. This is the city which I simply love. Not because I was born and brought up in this city but because of its culture, tradition, love, euphoria, history and ecstatic heritage. Well, let’s be honest, the fact that I was born and brought up in Manchester also comprises as one of the reasons for my love for this city. You know you are always supposed to love your motherland. And I just follow the trend. And well, I am 26 years old now.

The Companion of Christmas

Christmas Meet with Friend’s

So this is the story of last year’s Christmas meet. We arrange a party at our countryside farmhouse and all our friends, relatives, colleagues and other associates get the invitation to attend the party. And goes very well every year. We wish each other a good time ahead and get an opportunity to bond well with each other. But every year we were supposed to attend the party with our spouses or the one we were dating at that time. And that became the major issue of concern for me as I recently had a breakup and I was single at the time of Christmas. I was baffled about what to do. Then a friend of mine suggested me something which proved to be the silver bullet. “Why don’t you try the services of cheap Manchester escorts?” Matt asked. “What’s this Ashley Manchester escort?” came my reply cum question in the response. “It’s an escort agency in Manchester which provides stunning escort models for companionship,” he explained. Now that lighted the bulb inside my head. I instantly logged on their website and hired an angelic looking escort girl.

Escort Companion

Finally, the day of Christmas arrived and she showed up at my apartment. I invited her in and we shared a cup of coffee together. Then we rode my car and drove towards my farmhouse where the party was arranged. We reached the venue in some 45 minutes. And when we got down of the car, everyone’s eyeballs got stuck on Lily – my escort companion. She was looking beautiful and I, well I was just looking like her handbag, to be very honest. But I was enjoying the looks everyone was giving me. “Bice choice, son,” one of my uncles whispered. “Thanks,” I replied. “Where did you find such a nice ass?” he further asked. “Well, I guess aunt could answer you better about how to find a nice ass. Or to get a nice ass. With a stick. Isn’t it?” he was embarrassed when I gave him the taste of his own medicine. Anyway, the party ended quite well. My parents were happy to see me with a beautiful girl. And in the end, after everyone departed, I dropped her back after thanking her enough.

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