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Work and pleasure together

Author: Candy 24 Oct 2016

Hi, friends. My name is Jonathan and I am a resident of Liverpool. I am twenty six years old and I work for British archaeological department. Archaeology has been my dream since my childhood and I suppose I am in love with history and historic buildings. I believe I got this trait in heritage as my father was also an archaeologist. I still remember how he used to take me to his archaeological sites and how he used to explain everything to me. I suppose the seeds of this craze was sown from that point itself and I found myself going deeper and deeper in the profoundness of history and heritage of The Great Britain. Anyway, every toss has two sides. Heads and tails. This one too had that thing. Due to my obsession for archaeology, I could never be successful in my personal life. I suffered numerous breakups and heartbreak due to this as I could not give enough time to my women and ended up getting dumped from their lives. However this was bad but I still endured it anyhow.

I got the best project of my life when I received the opportunity to flirt with historic buildings and castles of Manchester. It is world acclaimed fact that Manchester is the home of all the best of British history and heritage. I made my way through Peveril and Halton castle. They were amazing. And outstanding to be honest. Slowly I was getting besotted in their beauty and heritage. But then one of my colleagues asked me, “Hey, Joe, why don’t you take your girlfriend to these places? These are amazing places and women would love them.” I could just smiled at her question and never want to disclose my personal front to them. Then I decided to prove to my colleagues that I am not bad at women department as well. That night when I reached back to my hotel, I surfed through Ashley Manchester escort service website. I was amazed to see the beautiful women they catered for. I instantly booked one of them. She arrived next morning. I had a cup of tea with her and then we took of my next archaeological site.

I was welcomed with smiles of accolades. Mark nudged me. “Dude, I never knew you had such fine taste in women,” he said. I just smiled with pride. “You don’t know anything. It’s better not to underestimate.” I winked. We held hands and I explained my work to her. Everyone was ogling at her and I knew that. She was an angelic beauty. The day started to set to an end. Now, what? It was time to take the remaining worth of my money.

I took her to my hotel. We ordered some great Manchester food and a bottle of wine. After that fine wine and dine, I took her to my bed. And then we set the whole room on fire. The air-conditioned room started to feel hot and humid. And by the dawn, the bedsheet was throwing apart, the sofa cushion was almost ripped, the crockery was scattered all over the place and so were our clothes. We were totally barbaric and it was amazing.

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