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Frequently Asked Questions

To keep up excellent reputation to being one of the most exclusive and elite escort agencies in Manchester, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you, mainly if you are new to hiring escorts.


Similarly, if you are looking for assistance in becoming an escort, please check out our Employment Page at AshleyManchester. Please keep in mind that AshleyManchester is a high-class agency that recruits only the most refined, elegant and beautiful Manchester escort girls.


What is the difference between In-calls and Outcalls?



All of our In-call appointments occur at high-class apartment of our escort. While for an Outcall appointment, our escort will attend to you, either at your home or more often than not to your hotel room. Generally, Outcall appointments go longer as our clients like taking their escort girl to dinner, sports, theatre show or a choice of other events.


Why do your some escorts only execute outcalls?



Besides pleasure of our clients, safety of our escorts is our main concern. Some of the escorts you see on our website prefer not to invite clients to their own residence for In-calls owing to this. Furthermore, some of our escorts select to only do Outcalls in security of a hotel room. If you contact us before your booking, then we may help you to find an escort who is able to fulfil your personal needs.


Where is In-call location of your escorts?



At AshleyManchester we have no a sole location where our escorts are based. Our In-call appointments take place generally at own residences of our escorts. These are located all through Manchester.


Do your escorts travel outside of Manchester?


Our several escorts are ready to travel all over Manchester. For such appointments, a minimum time is necessary and full business expenses. In connection with global travel assignments, we are able to sort these out but we do as for a minimum of 48 hours to let us to get all ready.


What does P.O.A. stand for?


As an abbreviation for Price on Application, it is usually meant for extended services like weekend appointments, all night stays and travel assignments.


Do I require booking in advance?


Even as it is not necessary that you do booking in advance, we propose it to keep away from displeasure. You can form a booking on the same day using a phone or online. Clearly, if you book in advance, then it is the most excellent option to protect a particular date with escort of your choice at the time of your selecting.


Is it potential to meet up with an escort before booking her?


No, AshleyManchester does not think good disclosing addresses to any of its escorts before booking would go complete.


How can I pay to escort?


All payments should be made directly in cash to the escort at the start of appointment or by a bank transfer direct to AshleyManchester. For bigger transactions, we recommend you to use bank transfer.


Is escorting legal?


This is legal and you are not going against the law definitely. We receive payment in response to offer you with self-employed individuals that spend their time with you. We just represent these individuals and set up work for them; many agencies perform this.


The service offered by our girls is simply companionship, what occurs when they are with you is their business and yours. In terms of where you stand if you desist from paying a person who is below the age of 18 to be an escort, then you are completely fine. At AshleyManchester we examine all of our girls to make sure they are above 18 and we demand proof of this.


Is it probable for me to book two or more girls at the same time?


Yes, it is possible. A range of our girls are bisexual, but not all of them are. This is constantly better to check at the booking stage so that we may offer you the perfect pair of escorts that will double your enjoyment surely.


Is this possible for you to accommodate my special request?


If it stands as a simple request then we are generally able to tell you whether it is possible or not without delay. For more matchless requests, we leave it to our escorts’ discretion that means it is between her and yourself to set up whether type of your request is okay or not.


Are rates of your girls flexible?


No, our escorts mean to provide a professional as well as exclusive range of service beckoning to give the value same to the money, so do their fees seem non-negotiable. The only conditions where they may be ready for negotiation is when you seek to take one of our escorts for a period that is longer than that listed on table of their rates. When this happens we talk about the price with you before the booking.


Are pictures of your girls on their profile genuine?


Definitely, we have the most respect for our clients, so do we not think cheating on them. We promise all pictures of our girls at their profile are true to make sure that there can be no arguments.


Why are faces to some of your escorts hidden or unclear?


Mainly this is done at the request of an escort, if she likes to keep up her privacy. If you would like to book one of these girls, then please send us an email and we may seek permission from them to send you an email with photographs attached where the face is completely able to be seen.


Do all of your girls speak English?


Different to other agencies which employ girls who are not able to speak English, we see this as a vital necessity when hiring girls. Not only are they all fluent in English, but a few of our girls are fluent in other languages also. So there will be always an escort to accommodate your desires.


Can I ask for a particular dress choice?


Yes to a certain level you can. We come with a policy that all of our girls dress to make an impression on their clients. If you require to a certain type of dresses, then they will do their best to stun you. Please tell our executive about your preferences during the booking stage, so they can make you sure to get your girl in the dress you meant for. At AshleyManchester, all of our girls mean to greet you fully dressed for discretion intentions.


What are your opening times & office times?


We open from Monday to Sunday 6.00pm to 6.00am. So you can call us 24 hours. Our receptionist will be happy to attend your calls and answer your queries about the booking of an escort of your choice.


If not answered well… What can I do?


You need not worry at all. We strive on offering the best customer service to our clients. So please contact us and we will do our best to respond to your queries.


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