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The Manchester Escort: Types of men who don’t hang out in the club

Author: UEscort 22 Apr 2020

A Manchester escort exemplified for our site a few typologies of men met by clubs in the UK.

Here are the 4 types of men who have no chance to hang an escort in a nightclub:

The one who spends money

The one who spends money

Throwing away money to find a partner is a time-tested move. But there’s a difference: it’s one thing to buy someone a drink, it’s another to want to get a Manchester escort drunk super fast. As a rule, if you take a drink to a person, accompany the person to the bar. I realize there are guys throwing money out the window to make up for everything they don’t have, but drinking a babe in the bar really hard is like hell.

I saw men pulling a lot of money out of their pockets and still getting no choice. And when women refuse your advances, the correct answer is not to throw coins at them. Seriously, I’ve seen this many times. After a peasant spends money with a girl and realizes that the “investment” is not going as he imagined, he starts throwing small pieces of money at her, to make her feel bad.

The guy who touches everyone

This is the most obnoxious guy you meet in bars. He is not affectionate, but just wicked. You see him “accidentally” touching the bottoms of all the escorts or, in the crowd, rubbing his limb against every Manchester escort in the club.

In my second tour of a bar, I had a patron walking with one hand in his pants, and with the other he was trying to reach as many tits and bumps as he could. When I pulled him by the sleeve and noticed him, he told me that it was not what it seemed and that he just had an itchy feeling. I’m sorry, buddy! I don’t care how severe the venereal disease you have is, keep your hands at home, please! However, not so much at home, if you understand me.

The guy who offends women

Insulting a woman is a trend that should have died a long time ago, but once in a while, someone surprises you with a retro line of this. I was working at a rave club and, at one point, a girl’s contraceptives fell out of her bag. The guy next to the Manchester escort started shouting: “Contraceptives are for ugly and dumb babe! But, hey, I’d still shoot her, darling! ”

As you can guess, this reply did not arouse the sympathy of the escort girl. On the contrary.

The stripper

I remember that in one year, St. Patrick’s Day, a guy put on his underwear to impress a group of women. I told him to get dressed, and he sat on his bottom, on the floor, shirtless and with his pants down.

Of course, I dragged him out naked as he was and left his bare bust in the center of the city, one winter day. To avoid getting half naked and not being taken out of the club in the middle of winter, do not do striptease, please! We all know what happens to the male body in the cold.

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